For the wearable/biometric monitoring technology industry and for researchers  

Can we leverage a wearable or under-the-mattress device to accurately gauge when people are ill? Can we find different biometric signatures for different types of illness? Can we predict when a person might need medical intervention or a higher level of care? Can we anticipate a person’s future health status hours, days or weeks ahead of an event?

How does it work?

Our internationally recognized lead scientist has over 20 years of experience in the field of physiology and medicine. He has published over 80 peer-reviewed articles about the use of heart rate variability data to detect incipient hypoxia, acidemia and markers of systemic and organ-specific inflammation before these problems become clinically apparent. 

1. Support for study design and funding applications: Our lead scientist can advise on study design including eligibility criteria, endpoint selection, sample size, biologic correlates, device selection, “gold-standard” selection, validation cohorts, and more. He can help write funding applications aimed at government agencies (NIH, SBIR, DOD), foundation grants, and venture capitalists.

2. Implementation: We can help with many aspects of implementation including communication with the FDA and IRB, in-service training for those using the wearable or applying it to others, and trouble shooting.

3. Data analysis: Using sophisticated machine learning algorithms, we can analyze the biometric data to fully leverage its potential. We ensure reproducibility of our analyses. We can prepare the analysis for presentation or publication.

Pricing: Please contact us to discuss pricing, including rates for consultations, analysis time, and milestone-driven pricing.