For groups

For groups like schools, sports teams, and long-term care facilities: Your group can decide whether each member being monitored will receive his or her own information to act upon independently, or whether the information will also be shared with a central contact person like a school nurse, coach, or medical director.

How does it work?

1. Choose your device: Each group member can use his or her own wearable or under-the-mattress device. Alternatively, our lead scientist can give you unbiased, expert advice on which device to purchase in bulk for the whole group, tailoring the recommendations to your goals, budget, and logistical constraints. We do not accept kick-backs from any device manufacturer. Our advice is highly tailored to your needs. For example, will your group members charge the device every 3 days, or do you need a longer interval between charges, or something that needs no charging at all? How often do you need the data to sync to the server? Do you want the devices to sync through wifi or cellular networks? Do you need real-time or batched analyses?  Don’t forget about staff members, parents, caregivers and others who support the core group.

2. Run-in period: Have each student, team member, or resident use the device for a week. Some projects may benefit from an exercise training log or symptom diary too. (We can help you design that and provide a secure portal to capture that information.) At the end of the run-in period, send us the raw data files, Health Questionnaires and Health Event Inventories, training logs or symptom diaries.

3. Initial Look: We’ll tell you if the data quality is sufficient to proceed and update the estimated number of hours to complete the project.

4. Data analysis and report generation: At agreed-upon intervals that depend on what you are trying to do, we’ll analyze your group’s data and generate a report. For example, daily reports may be needed to catch new viral infections or who needs to increase level-of-care, while biweekly reports may be sufficient in rehabilitation settings. Each person will receive his or her own report. For example, if a viral infection is suspected, the individual will need to arrange appropriate testing and medical follow-up. If the individual allowed their reports to be shared with a central group contact, then the central contact may also be responsible to follow-up. Health Stream Analytics does not arrange for SARS-CoV2 or any other medical testing or follow-up.

5. Report review: We will meet with a group spokesperson or the whole group to discuss observations and trends. Depending on the terms of use agreed upon at project initiation, we may share information about individual group members or only present anonymized or aggregate information.

Pricing: Please contact us to discuss pricing. Pricing depends on the amount of support needed for device selection and set-up, what services are needed during the run-in period, how many reports need to be generated, their frequency, and how the reports will be shared, and how they will be reviewed with our lead scientist.