Frequently asked questions:

1) I have persistent atrial fibrillation. Will heart rate variability monitoring work for me?

At this time, we are not accepting clients with persistent atrial fibrillation or those in atrial fibrillation more than 50% of the time. As our knowledge grows, that may change, so please check back with us periodically.

2) Do you share my data with anyone?

We reserve the right to use your anonymized data to advance the science of biometric monitoring. That may include sharing your anonymized data with other researchers. We reserve the right to publish your anonymized results, individually or as part of a large collection of observations. Our research may or may not help you directly but will hopefully help many people in the future. We do not publish your identifiable data and we will not sell your data to anyone or allow any of our scientific collaborators to share or sell your data.

3) Can you guarantee that you can predict a medical event, especially one that I have had before, like an MS flare?

We cannot guarantee that we can predict a medical event. The accuracy of our predictions will depend on many factors, such as the type of event (cardiac, neurologic, etc.), how “clearly” it shows up in your biometric signal analysis if it has happened to you in the past, how many times it has happened to you in the period for which we have your biometric and health event data, whether we have already refined the algorithms based on studies of hundreds of similar people to detect such classes of events or whether we are still in the process of doing so, and on your device’s signal quality. Predictions inherently entail an element of uncertainty. We do not accept any liability for a medical event that was “missed” or not predicted by our algorithm. Biometric analysis is a developing field of medicine. It is not a substitute for usual medical care and follow-up. In the “Initial Look” phase, we will tell you whether we think we can generate useful information for you. There is no obligation to proceed with the analysis after the “Initial Look” consultation.

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