Smart Analytics for Wearable Biometrics!

If your organization uses

  • Fitbit, Garmin, Apple Watch, or Biostrap or other biometric wearable, or…
  • EmfitBeautyrest, or other under-the-mattress monitors…

You may not be getting all the information you need about your health!

We are all in this together!

For health care providers, medical researchers, and athletic programs...

Are you responsible for the welfare of patients, long-term care residents, or even a sports team?

Health Stream Analytics will provide you with information that may be useful in identifying when those in your care are sick or vulnerable to falling sick, or how well they are recovering. 

  • We help you choose the right biosensors for your needs and setting to detect infections, incl. COVID-19 and sepsis, earlier then it is currently possible.
  • We build on 20+ years of original research and innovation in the space of biosensors’ data analysis and physiological interpretation with rigorous academic peer-review that delivers actionable early predictors of health outcomes.
As our knowledge and your knowledge grows, you might be able to take action to avoid transmission of infection throughout the group, to give pre-emptive medical care when needed, and to boost recovery timeline.

Our Medical, Monitoring, and Data Analytics Expertise​

Yaakov Kimelfeld, PhD, Martin Frasch, MD, PhD, Elizabeth Krakow, MD, MSc.

We have the medical, technical, clinical, patent, and regulatory experience to drive your biometric analytics.

Our team brings together expertise in

  • Developing, validating, and deploying machine learning for clinical time series analysis to derive early predictors of inflammation and organ failure
  • Deploying innovative, clinical-grade, hassle-free wearable biometric monitoring devices
  • Running clinical trials in the community, in the setting of long-term care assisted living facilities and nursing homes.

Our Science and Technology

We analyze simultaneous patterns of change in heart variability and other physiologic measurements to capture changes from a person’s usual patterns.  These can occur days before typical symptoms of infection appear!

  • We can work with any biometric monitoring device of sufficient quality
  • For example: Emfit provides a convenient and accurate solution to biometric monitoring: set it and forget it!
  • Biostrap measures oxygenation directly as well as heart and respiratory rates
  • At a retail cost of around $200, both of these are scalable, and they are medical-grade products


Health Stream Analytics offers sophisticated analysis of your heart rate variability (HRV) using computer algorithms. Heart rate variability is the millisecond beat-to-beat fluctuation in your heart rate.

By applying our algorithms to your HRV, we can find patterns that are not discernible with the naked eye. 

Your body produces baseline data and Health Stream Analytics detects deviations from that – yielding personalized insights.

Knowing something about your health challenges and armed with your read-outs, you might see a correlation between deviations and changes in your health.

When you participate in Health Stream Analytics and receive your report, you can opt to receive our quarterly newsletter.

Our report provides updates on what we are learning from the aggregate of the data collected and analyzed to date. When you join Health Stream Analytics, you are contributing to crowdsourced research that is performed with scientific rigor, integrity and respect for the privacy and confidentiality of your personal information.

Important: Our HRV algorithms have not been submitted to the FDA.

Once they are further developed and refined with the help of participants like you, we intend to submit them to the scrutiny of the FDA.